Tuition and Fees

eCore Course Tuition and Fees Tuition Costs

The eCore online course tuition is the same for both Georgia residents and non-residents. 




  • Type
  • eCore tuition for Undergraduate Online Courses
    $159.00 per credit hour
  • Student Fees (for students taking 5+ credit hours of only online courses)


For a complete description of eCore tuition and KSU fees please visit the Bursar's Office website.

Textbooks and special materials required for courses are not included in tuition rates. Students who register for traditional classroom courses or other distance education courses offered at KSU will be billed for all of the courses, in additional to any mandatory fees. 

Tuition for eCore 8 Week, Session II courses will be due and payable immediately upon registration.

Every eCore course requires at least one, and no more than two, proctored exams or proctored experiences. The KSU Testing Center charges a $25 test administration fee for eCore exams.

Dual Enrollment students are also eligible to take eCore courses.

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