eCore Courses


Course Equivalencies and Course Descriptions

KSU courses and eCore courses may have different names or numbering, but still be the same course. Please refer to the equivalency table and course descriptions for information on how eCore courses fit into KSU Core Areas A-E: eCore/KSU Course equivalencies table, eCore Course descriptions. Always review eCore course options and degree program requirements with your KSU Academic Advisor.

Curriculum and Textbooks

eCore is designed to expand a student’s educational experience independent of time, location and physical boundaries. Students with special needs or disabilities will find a welcoming, accessible environment in eCore. All of our courses comply with ADA and Section 508 requirements to accommodate students with disabilities or special needs.

Free online textbooks (Open Educational Resources, OER) are digital textbooks available inside the course at no cost to the student. All eCore courses include free embedded OER textbooks!*

*Lab science courses require the purchase of a lab kit. Check the Lab section of the science course description for price and ordering information.

How do eCore courses and KSU Online courses compare?

  • KSU Online Courses
    eCore Online Courses
  • KSU online courses are designed and taught by KSU faculty certified to teach online through KSU recognized training focusing on the design and pedagogy of online teaching.
    eCore courses are designed and taught by faculty from throughout the University System of Georgia. All eCore faculty complete a two week eCore certification course.
  • KSU online course rosters consist of only KSU students.
    eCore online course rosters consist of students from across the University System of Georgia.
  • KSU Online courses are offered on the same academic calendar as on-campus courses.
    eCore courses follow a different academic calendar than KSU courses.
  • KSU Online courses are housed in D2L Brightspace with access using your KSU NetID and password.
    eCore courses are housed in GoVIEW with different username and password.
  • Technical support for KSU online courses is available through the KSU Student Help Desk 470-578-3555,
    Technical support for eCore courses is available through the USG D2L Help Desk 678-839-5300,
  • KSU online courses are coded “E” (100% online, no campus visits required) or “F” (95% online, one campus visit may be required for orientation or exam). Exams are scheduled by the instructor and no fees are charged unless a proctored exam off-campus is needed.

    Every eCore course requires either one proctored experience OR one major project of significance. Students are responsible for the fee associated with any proctored experiences, which will vary based on the type and location of that experience. 

  • KSU online courses are designated with a section code of 'W', ie ENGL 1101/W01.

    eCore online courses are designated with a section code of 'G', ie ENGL 1101/1BG.

  • KSU online tuition is currently $185.40 per credit hour. 

    eCore tuition is currently $159 per credit hour.

Tuition and Cost of Attendance at KSU

Let's breakdown the tuition and fees and the cost of attendance for attending Kennesaw State University!