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    Before you register!

    All students must complete the required eCore introduction quiz before registering for eCore courses. Please enter your KSU ID# on the last page of the quiz.


Registration Tips


  • To register, log into Owl Express with your KSU Net ID and password. Students register for eCore courses in OwlExpress the same exact way they do any other KSU course.

    The Registrar's Office has published registration guidelines and tips on the Student Registration page. Please review this information carefully for registration tips, guides, and troubleshooting!

  • A student who has not completed the eCore Orientation will recieve an attribute error when attempting to register for eCore classes.

    A student who has not satisfied the course prerequisite will receive a prerequisite error when attempting to register for eCore classes.

    If you believe you are getting either message in error, please reach out to or 470-531-2186.

  • eCore adds seats to course sections based on demand. A seat balancer runs every 10 minutes so if a section appears full, please check back in a few minutes for available seats. Courses do not have unlimited seats, though, so they can eventually fill up near the beginning of a semester.

    The number of section seats shown in Owl Express are the number of seats currently allotted to KSU and not the total number of seats in the eCore course section.

  • The eCore Academic Calendar is not the same as the KSU Academic Calendar.  Students enrolling in eCore courses must adhere to the eCore calendar

    • Learning Support requirements must be satisfied prior to enrollment in eCore courses.
    • You must satisfy all KSU registration holds prior to registering for an eCore course.
    • All prerequisites for the eCore course must be satisfied prior to registration. eCore courses have the same prerequisites as the equivalent course at KSU. For a list of equivalent courses and prerequisites please see the eCore/KSU Course equivalencies table.
    • eCore online courses are designated with a section code of 'G', ie ENGL 1101/1BG.


Need Help?

KSU's eCore Liaison is available to guide you through the eCore process and assist in finding the information necessary for your success.*

Phone: 470-531-2186

*Check with your academic advisor for any questions about how eCore courses will satisfy your program's core curriculum requirements.