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Get Started with your courses

  • Woman at a laptop with baby looking at herIs eCore right for me? Use these resources to determine if collaborative online learning through eCore is a good fit for you. 

    Review the eCore Student Success Guide for tips that will assist in having a successful semester.

  • eCore courses are located in GoVIEW, the learning management system offered by the University System of Georgia, not KSU's D2L Brightspace.

  • Approximately 2 weeks prior to the beginning of each new term, registered students will receive a Welcome Email to thier KSU email address from the central eCore office.     

    Students taking an eCore course or courses for the first time need to create a GoVIEW password after you register. You will not be able to set this up until after eCore sends you the Welcome Email.

    • Go to GoVIEW.
    • Click "Forgot Password" and enter your username (KSU NetID_ksu, for example jsmith123_ksu). Do not enter your student email address.
    • A password link will be sent to your campus email address. The email will be sent from
    • If you do not receive the 'donotreply' password link email within 24 hours, contact the eCore Helpdesk at 678-839-5300, 1-855-933-2673 or
      eCore courses will not be available in GoView until the official first day of class.

    After receiving the eCore Welcome Letter, a tutorial course entitled the eCore Connection will be available in GoVIEW which will familiarize you with the GoVIEW learning management system.

    The video below will guide you through the steps to setting up your GoVIEW login. Please note: KSU students need to reset the password as demonstrated in the second half of the video.


    All eCore courses require student activity before the participation deadline to determine student presence.  Failure to do so will result in automatic administrative withdrawal.

    Attendance Verification and Participation Deadline:

    Students must log into their eCore class by the Participation Deadline and complete the eCore Mandatory Attendance Quiz and Introduction Discussion Activity. 

    If these two activities are not completed by the deadline, students will be reported as non-attending by the professor. Students reported as non-attending will be administratively withdrawn from the course. 

    Students enrolled in more than one eCore class must complete the attendance quiz and discussion activity in each class they are enrolled in.

    To be counted as 'present', follow these steps:

    • Log into GoVIEW using the information found in the eCore Welcome Email.
    • Take the Mandatory Attendance Quiz in each eCore class registered.
    • Complete the Introduction Discussion Activity in each eCore class registered.

    Reported as Non-Attending in Error:

    Students receiving an email from the eCore Administration Office stating that they have been reported as non-attending in their eCore course, who have completed the above requirements and think the non-attendance report is in error should contact their instructor immediately

    If the student was marked non-attending in error the instructor will submit an official reinstatement form allowing the student to remain in the course. 

  • KSU has resources to help you get started with online learning on the Online Learning Support website