eCore Courses vs KSU Online Courses

How are eCore courses different than KSU Online courses?

  • KSU Online Courses
    eCore Online Courses
  • KSU online courses are designed and taught by KSU faculty certified to teach online through KSU recognized training focusing on the design and pedagogy of online teaching.
    eCore courses are designed and taught by faculty from throughout the University System of Georgia. All eCore faculty complete a two week eCore certification course.
  • KSU online course rosters consist of only KSU students.
    eCore online course rosters consist of students from across the University System of Georgia.
  • KSU Online courses meet national quality standards as assessed by the Quality Matters Rubric through an internal peer review process. Courses are reviewed on a three year cycle.
    Each eCore course is reviewed and revised on a three-year cycle by a team of faculty from USG affiliate institutions.
  • KSU Online courses are offered on the same academic calendar as on-campus courses.
    eCore courses follow a different academic calendar than KSU  courses.
  • KSU Online courses are housed in D2L Brightspace with access using your KSU NetID and password.
    eCore courses are housed in GoVIEW with different username and password.
  • Technical support for KSU online courses is available through the KSU Student Help Desk.
    Technical support for eCore courses is available through the USG D2L Help Desk.
  • KSU online courses are coded “E” (100% online, no campus visits required) or “F” (95% online, one campus visit may be required for orientation or exam). Exams are scheduled by the instructor and no fees are charged unless a proctored exam off-campus is needed.

    The USG Board of Regents requires that each eCore course contain at least one proctored exam. Students must schedule their own exams and pay associated testing fees.

  • KSU undergraduate online courses are $277.33 per credit hour for Summer 2017. Check the Bursar's Office for lower e-tuition rates beginning Fall 2017.

    E-tuition for Summer 2017 eCore courses is $169 per credit hour. Starting Fall 2017, eCore tuition will be lowered to $159 per credit hour.