Is eCore Right For Me?

Right For MeStudents are most likely to succeed in eCore when they:
- have reliable access to an Internet-connected computer
- know how to navigate web sites, manage email, work
  with files, and do other basic computer tasks
- can organize their own time to complete assignments and
  meet deadlines
- participate actively in online discussions
- are comfortable asking for help or clarification when need
- are prepared to work as hard online as they would in a
  face-to-face class

Online learning is not for everyone.
Some students find it difficult to manage their time and effort without the regular face-to-face contact of the traditional classroom. Others feel that they learn better by hearing lectures than by reading. Some are unprepared for the amount of writing required by online assignments and discussions.

Use the Student Online Readiness Tool (READI) to assess your readiness, your goals, and your learning preferences.

Many students prefer online learning.
They enjoy taking greater control of their studies and working at their own pace to meet deadlines rather than attending scheduled classes. Some report that online discussions are more interesting than classroom discussions, because the participants reflect more carefully on what they write and because discussions are less likely to be dominated by one or two individuals. For others, online classes are the perfect way to combine higher education with work and family responsibilities.